Chewing monster

A few days ago, one of my students suggested a challenging project. He wanted to build a monster that could open and close its mouth but, at the same time, the monster had to move around the room. In my class, it is not allowed to borrow pieces from another set. The reason why I set this rule is that resources in professional projects are always limited, sometimes by budget, sometimes by technical specifications such as total weight... My class is a game in which the students must think as engineers.

Therefore the monster must perform both movements, the mouth and the shift, with the same motor.

With these specifications I built a prototype and here is the result (click on the picture to watch the video):

 Chewing monster

You have the building instructions at the end of the footage. It is not a masterpiece but it works the way we wanted. The kids loved it, mission accomplished!

If you use this model in your class please let me know. It would encourage me to publish more.

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