The chewing monster is back

When I brought the chewing monster project to my classroom I told my pupils they have to build a model in which:

  1. They design a mouth.
  2. They design a mechanism to make the mouth open and close.
  3. The mouth is set on a vehicle with wheels.
  4. The wheels turn with the same motor that moves the mouth.

I knew the challenge was very difficult, and the time was very limited, but I wanted them to realise what the difficulties were, rather than finding a solution.

The kids had time to suggest more or less accurate solutions. When I saw that they were aware of the obstacles, I gave them the building instructions, since the goal of the class was already achieved. As I expected, most of them decided to copy the model I had designed. But a couple of them thought that he could adapt my suggestion to their initial ideas, and these are the results:

Chewing monster adapted Chewing monster adapted

I always encourage my students to be original. I tell them that they do not have to be afraid of trying new approaches, even if they are wrong, because they will learn more this way. This kids did it and made their models work after several attempts. I hope next time the others get motivated to present their own solutions even if they are not perfect.

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